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Arthritis in Fingers – Few Facts to Know

Doing the simplest task may seem daunting to someone who has arthritis in fingers. Work and leisure time activities may take more effort for someone who has this type of disease. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are to different types of arthritis that may form in a person’s fingers. These forms of arthritis affect the movement of the joints in a person’s fingers, which will keep a person from being able to do things with their fingers that they would normally be able to do. Arthritis can be a troubling disease but there are things that a person will be able to do to improve how their fingers move.

Osteoarthritis Disease

There are different symptoms that will let a person know if they have Osteoarthritis in their fingers. They may feel that their fingers are very tender and that they are getting a little stiff. Other symptoms include less flexibility in the finger joints and also decreased range of motion. Crepitus may appear in the fingers of a person and they may hear grating or popping sounds. They may also feel other types of sensations due Crepitus settling into the fingers. Osteoarthritis in the fingers is more common than other types of arthritis.

Rheumatoid Type of Arthritis

Inflammation will show up in a person’s fingers when they have a form of arthritis called Rheumatoid arthritis. This inflammation is found in the soft-tissue that surrounds a person’s joints. This inflammation can be painful to a person who has arthritis in fingers. A person with arthritis will have some of the same symptoms as a person with Osteoarthritis. They will also feel tenderness in their fingers and decreased range of motion. Rheumatoid arthritis is a more crippling disease because it can cause deformities of the fingers.

Arthritis in Fingers – What Are The Treatments?

Arthritis in Fingers – What Are The Treatments?
Arthritis in Fingers – What Are The Treatments?

A physician will be able to help a person who has arthritis by prescribing them different types of medications that are specifically made for arthritis. Arthritis medications will help to relieve the pain and swelling that an arthritis patients has. Physicians will also be able to offer a patient with arthritis cortisone injections that will relieve the inflammation in a patient’s hand. Supplements can also be given to a patient who has arthritis.

There also other things that a person can do to help treat their arthritis. They may want to go to an occupational therapist. A therapist will be able to help them with their arthritis by performing exercises on their fingers to loosen them up. Ice or heat may also be applied to the arthritic hands to help them have better range of motion.

Living Life to the Fullest

Although arthritis in fingers can be a crippling disease, many people learn to live full and useful lives with it. Adjustments can be made in the way a person does things, if need be. There are also a lot of support groups that a person who has arthritis can turn to for information and comfort. They will be able to find these support groups online in their community.

Arthritis can be dealt with by utilizing a physician, alternative treatments, and support groups.

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