Athletes Foot Treatment and Prevention – What You Should Know

Athletes are not the only ones who contract athletes foot. This infection can be caused by two different types of fungus. Many men and women get this fungus on their feet. A fungus can cause the worst itching and burning sensations between your toes and on your feet imaginable. Some people get athletes foot at the gym while others get it at the spa. Try to keep your shoes on as much as possible when visiting these types of places. It is an aggravating condition but you can find a useful athletes foot treatment if you look hard enough.

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Preventive Treatment

To prevent athlete’s foot from settling on your feet, you should always take good care of your shoes. It is easy to prevent athlete’s foot with athletes foot treatment of your shoes. Spray your shoes with an anti-fungal type of spray so that fungus will not grow or stay in your shoes. You can also sprinkle anti-fungal foot powder in your shoes every other day to keep your feet from this athletes foot disease. Along with taking care of your shoes, you should also make sure that you change your socks everyday. Sweaty feet are a breeding ground for athletes foot fungus.

Prescribed Treatment

For a person who has athletes foot that will not go away, a physician’s visit is advised. Some people may have athletes foot on both of their feet and between several of their toes. These people are truly in misery. A physicians can ascertain how bad of an athletes fungus that a person has and they will be able to give them a prescription for the right type of medication that will give them some relief. They may think that this fungus requires a stronger anti-fungal medication for athletes foot treatment.

Using Mouth Wash

A person who does not have athletes foot very bad will want to try a treatment at home. One athletes foot treatment that you can do at home for yourself involves using mouth wash. Mouth wash works as an antiseptic and will help to kill the fungus on your feet. You should use it a couple of times a day on the affected area. Make sure you let your feet air out after using the mouth wash and before putting your shoes and socks back on.

Natural Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a natural supplement that you may want to use for athletes foot treatment. This type of oil is has anti-fungal properties. These anti-fungal properties help to fight the fungus that has taken up residence upon your feet.

Simply soften your feet by putting them into warm water and letting them soak for a few minutes. Rub your feet briskly with a dry towel to remove all of the dry skin and dry skin cells. After you have dried your feet off with a clean towel, you should then apply a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Apply this wonderful oil between your toes any other areas that have become infected. It is best to leave the oil on your skin and let it soak into your feet. Organic tea tree oil works the best for this treatment.

Your feet will feel much better if you choose the right treatment for athletes foot.

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